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All Inclusive Self Catering Spit Braai

All Inclusive Self Catering Spit Braai

All Inclusive Self Catering Spit Braai include Spit Braai Catering and Spit Braai Hire in Pretoria, all our spit braais are Halaal, meaning tender and crispy lamb on the spit


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Bizos Spit Braai Recipe


George Bizos's culinary talents were widely heralded by his comrades. As Joe Matthews says,

"You know that the fame comes to Bizos not as a lawyer but as the best chap for organising a nice braai"



1 whole lamb (Grade AAA222 - Bizos says: 'some fat ... not too much ... not lean')

1 litre freshly squeezed lemon juice, free of pips (do not discard the squeezed lemon wedges)

1 litre sunflower oil for initial marinade

2–3 litres sunflower oil to add to basting whilst cooking

1 cup extra virgin cold pressed Koroneiko olive oil

3 cups Greek dried oregano

2 teaspoons of salt per kg of lamb

1 teaspoon ground black pepper



1. Rub the lamb with the squeezed-out lemon wedges. This will clean the lamb of any blood clots (in particular those at the neck) and infuse the meat with citrus flavour.

2. Make a marinade by combining the lemon juice and oils (1 litre sunflower, plus 1 cup olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper).

3. Wire the lamb to the spit firmly so as to ensure that the stomach cavity is facing upwards. To help the lamb stay in position, start wiring up the lamb from the back legs. Use the slit in the shank ligament of the hind left forequarter and slot the right leg into the cavity this creates, and secure with wire. Put 2 or 3 pieces of wire between the ribs, the vertebrae and the spit. Tie the neck and front legs to the spit.

4. Make sure the lamb is secure as any limb coming loose in roasting becomes unmanageable.

Massage the outside of the lamb with marinade, putting salt from the bottom of the marinade into the fatty parts, and then pour half the remaining marinade into the belly cavity, making sure all the lemon juice at the bottom of the marinade is used.

5. Sew up the belly cavity and secure the spit so as to leave the belly facing up. Use a blanket stitch with crochet cotton and needle to sow up the belly. Cover with silver foil and leave to marinate overnight at ambient room temperature. Retain the remaining marinade, making sure a minimum of lemon is left in it to baste the lamb while cooking. Add additional sunflower oil to the remnants of the initial marinade for the basting.

6. Ensure that two fires are made, at each end of the lamb (fore and back legs). The middle or flank does not need much cooking, and heat from the two fires is sufficient. Avoid flames coming into direct contact with the lamb as this tends to burn the meat. Seal the lamb initially on a very hot heat, using wood and lots of charcoal in your initial fire. Brush the marinade on to the lamb while cooking to keep it moist, using a pine tree branch as a brush (Bizos says "this is important because my father and grandfather did and it does give a slight pine taste").

7. Ensure that the lamb is constantly turning.

Fat dripping or frothing means that the lamb is cooking. Bizos advises putting "a pan under the middle of the carcass (between the fires) and put some bread to toast – delicious as a snack replete with lamb fat drippings"

8.Add logs to each end as you progress. Depending on the size of lamb and your spit mechanism or firebox set-up, cooking should take 4–5 hours.

9.Test for readiness by inserting a carving fork into a hind leg, and pressing against the leg with the back of a carving knife. Lack of blood means that it is ready.



Catering establishments may chop up the lamb on a board. However in an intimate, friendly setting, carving it slowly whilst on the spit and coming back for more is the Bizos way. Indeed, aficionados tend to hover around the lamb, making requests for favourite tidbits as the carving goes on.




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